About Me

Three years ago, I developed my first web application, and I haven't stopped since then. I'm a 22-year-old self-taught developer with a passion for learning and sharing my knowledge. I enjoy facing new challenges, and I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I think that's the best way to learn. Thanks to that i have been able to explore new languages and tools while developing projects, that has helped me to decide which will be the right tool for my next project.

I'm always interested in learning the latest technologies and fascinated about what I can do with them. I like to learn from the experiences of others, I find Open-source Software, Twitter, newsletters and podcasts as amazing resources to keep growing with the community. One of my main objectives as a developer is to give back something to the community. I like to contribute to Open-source Software whenever I can.


B.S. in Informatics - National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) - 2014 - 2018

College has given me the opportunity to develop interesting projects. Every semester, I try to take on the most ambitious projects I can in order to continue improving my skills. Some of my accomplishments include:

  • Started developing an online platform to learn programming through programming exercises - 2017 - Now
  • Built a web application to register and manage patients of the Odontological Clinics at the UNAM - 2016
  • Developed a scraper application in Ruby to perform automated searches that allowed to collect, organize and filter the data obtained - 2016



I have experience with front and backend development, database design, linux web servers, RESTful API development and integration, web services and development environment creation with Vagrant.

As a person who enjoys solving logic problems, I'm most comfortable with the backend and its technologies (Ruby on Rails, PHP). However, in these days with the emerging of JavaScript libraries and frameworks, I have enjoyed using React/Redux. I apply these programming skills to solve UI problems.

I have worked with many technologies to make my work easier, more maintainable, and more organized.

  • 1 // Some of the programming languages with which I have experience and have developed projects.
  • 3Ruby
  • 4JavaScript (ES6)
  • 5PHP
  • 6Java
  • 7 // Programming languages I'm interested in learning next.
  • 8 // Elixir, Python & Machine Learning
  • 1 // Where my true love about programming lies.
  • 2Ruby on Rails
  • 3Laravel
  • 4Node.js
  • 5MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • 6APIs
  • 7 // Backend technologies i'm interested in learning next.
  • 8 // GraphQL, NoSQL databases, Phoenix & Websockets
  • 1 // This portfolio was built with more than a half of these technologies.
  • 2HTML5
  • 3CSS3
  • 4Bootstrap/Materialize/Semantic UI
  • 5JQuery
  • 6AJAX
  • 7React/Redux
  • 8Sass
  • 9 // Frontend technologies i'm interested in learning next.
  • 10 // RxJS, VueJS & CSS Grid
  • 1 // It's hard to imagine life without these tools.
  • 2Git
  • 3Webpack
  • 4Test Driven Development
  • 5NPM/Yarn
  • 6Vagrant
  • 7Ubuntu
  • 8 // Tools i'm interested in learning next.
  • 9 // Docker, Continuous Integration, React Native & AWS
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